Family in town, party plans

I am finally getting around to uploading my Amsterdam photos to Flickr, and then putting them on here. Hopefully I’ll finish that off today. Paul and I only have a month left in London – I can hardly believe it. After three years here we are ready to move back to Australia (but we will miss it). I have so much to organise!

We are planning on having a combined farewell party and engagement party on Sunday, July 26 in a local pub. Then we’ll be leaving a week later! We’re planning a stop-over with my friend Sam in Hong Kong on the way home which should be really nice (and it will be great to break up the long journey home). Paul and I are planning to get married in October (if we can organise it in time).

Paul’s mum and sister stayed with us last weekend – it was really nice to see them. They’ve gone up to Yorkshire now to visit relatives and we’ll see them in another week on their way home. We went to Blenheim Palace with them last Sunday. Hopefully we’ll get the photos off their camera when they come back and I’ll be able to put some here. Blenheim Palace is the home of the Duke of Marlborough (Winston Churchill‘s family). I must say I had less regard for Winston Churchill when I found out how incredibly privileged his background was. I think that doing great things is not exactly that hard when everything you could ever want (money, education, connections) is handed to you on a platter.


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