Sickness, walking, study, etc

April 2, 2011

Ok, things aren’t  really as bad as I made out in my last post! I think I let my stress get in the way. Last Sunday I caught up with my friend Mon and her friend Esther, and we were all without our babies which was a wonderful break. and I recently went out on a Friday night to catch up with a friend who was in town – my first night out since the bubba was born. And on Friday just gone I saw a fellow mum and her bub in the morning and another one in the afternoon. So two playdates for my bubba and two grown-up dates for me. I also had an hour-long massage too which was lovely. This week has been quite full-on: Paul had probably the worst gastro bug I’ve ever encountered (he vomited and diarrhead all Sunday night and then again Monday for a second night) so he was pretty wiped out (he lost 5 kilos in 2 days). I had two presentations to give at uni which probably went better than I had expected. I have quite a bit of assessment coming up so I really need to be organised to get it done. Actually, if I get it all done, in only nine weeks I will have completed a semester of fulltime study (with a baby). I can totally do this, right? Also, the bubba’s been a little sick and not sleeping great, and feeding a lot at night, so the sleep-deprivation combined with my own staying up late to finish assessment means no running happened all week! I haven’t been for a run since last Sunday and it’s now Saturday night. I’m not even sure if I’ll go tomorrow either because I have a sore throat and am probably coming down with something. So last Sunday I ran for 1 hour 20 minutes and tomorrow I’m supposed to run for 1 hour 40 minutes. If I do go, it’s not going to be that long.

Exciting news is that the bubba is walking, so maybe I should be calling her the toddler now. It was a long slow process for her (she’s fourteen months now). She was a pretty good climber and crawler so I don’t think there was a huge incentive for her to walk. She started taking steps ages ago and the number she took at a time has slowly increased and last week she was probably walking 8/10/12 steps at a time before falling over and now this week she seems to be walking full time (most of the time, anyway). It’s so very cute. She’s talking heaps too. She’s been saying Mum, Dad, boob and up for months now and she’ll occasionally repeat a word, never to say it again (banana, water, umbrella, dress) but lately she’s copying words and sounds a lot more and she’s babbling heaps which we just love. She wakes up and starts talking in the mornings, she talks away when she’s sitting in the carseat (much nicer than when she used to just scream in the carseat), she babbles when she’s playing, when she’s having meals. I think we’re going to have quite the little talker (just like both her parents!).

Even though Paul and I have often missed living in London, I have so many friends here with babies, it was definitely the right thing to do to come back here to have ours! And I have a few friends about to have more babies. One of them sent me the link to this article: Four Lies Sleep Trainers Tell You (and one Truth they don’t). I think it’s a really good article. People can be really judgemental about having your baby in your bed with you and about why you won’t just let them cry themselves to sleep to stop them waking for night feeds, etc.

I’d better be off to bed soon but I wanted to mention a couple of albums I would really like. I’m not a big follower of music and I can listen to the same music over and over again for ages but I really want Talk About Body by Men, and Patrick Wolf’s latest album Lupercalia (and the one before that too).

Check out The City by Patrick Wolf, and Credit Card Babie$, Who Am I To Feel So Free and  Off Our Backs by Men. We saw Men play in London (after dancing to a DJ set by JD Samson). It. Was. Awesome!