A visit to the park

June 20, 2011

Now that I have a toddler who loves to walk around exploring the world, I have to make an effort to get out more. I used to in my old hood but since moving in January I have turned into a real homebody, having lots of days where we don’t leave the house! Anyway, I’ve started making an effort to go to one of the nearby parks on days when we don’t have any other plans. This morning the toddler had a great time picking up bark chips, going on a swing, going down a slide, watching a man pruning a tree, watching a man rinse paint out of a paintbrush, circling around a tree (a few times), and looking at colourful tiles in a concrete path!
St Lucia Playground

We spent some time crawling along the path while the toddler pointed at tiles and I said the colour they were. “That one’s blue. That one’s yellow. That one’s black. That one’s orange. That’s a white tile. That one has a picture of a butterfly on it. That’s a blue tile. et cetera… ” The park is so fun.

St Lucia Playground

Semester is nearly over.

June 16, 2011

The semester is nearly over – only one piece of assessment left – and it’s been incredibly hard (studying fulltime with a toddler! Who knew?). I keep telling myself that at least I’ve got a year to write the thesis now (unlike all the full-time people who have four months!). I’ve loved sinking my teeth into various academic theories, particularly feminist scholarship on pornography (it’s so gloriously contentious), and I’ve even decided to start up feminist blogging again so I can write about my thesis and other stuff.

Unfortunately my running has really fallen by the wayside these last 2-3 months as I, my partner and the toddler have all been sick on-and-off, and that, combined with the late nights trying to finish assessment, has meant I wasn’t getting up early to go running. All that preparation I had been doing for the Gold Coast Half-marathon came to a halt and I’m pretty much going to have to start up my running from the beginning again once the semester is over. At least now I know that with hard work and persistence I CAN run 10km, and I’m sure I could make it to 21.1km (the distance of a half marathon!).