Parks and the beach

July 24, 2011

Wow, I’m only managing to blog once a month at the moment. Well, it’s a start I guess. Also, I’m only managing to run once a week at the moment. Gotta increase that if I want to actually improve. The Gold Coast half-marathon was on the first week of July and I was a bit sad to have missed it (completing it had been a goal for this year) but all my illness in the months leading up to it and being busy with full-time study really got in the way. There are a couple of 10km runs coming up in Brisbane in the next month or so and I think I should aim for one of them. I did do ok with my semester results which got me thinking that maybe, just maybe, if I manage to do a kick-arse thesis, I could be capable of getting first-class honours. But that does mean I should probably be reading Foucault’s History of Sexuality, Part One: An Introduction, right now instead of blogging! Maybe I could have one of those careers in academia after all.
Playing in a dragon egg at New Farm Park, Brisbane
My spouse and toddler playing in a dragon egg at New Farm Park. Read the rest of this entry »