Parks and the beach

Wow, I’m only managing to blog once a month at the moment. Well, it’s a start I guess. Also, I’m only managing to run once a week at the moment. Gotta increase that if I want to actually improve. The Gold Coast half-marathon was on the first week of July and I was a bit sad to have missed it (completing it had been a goal for this year) but all my illness in the months leading up to it and being busy with full-time study really got in the way. There are a couple of 10km runs coming up in Brisbane in the next month or so and I think I should aim for one of them. I did do ok with my semester results which got me thinking that maybe, just maybe, if I manage to do a kick-arse thesis, I could be capable of getting first-class honours. But that does mean I should probably be reading Foucault’s History of Sexuality, Part One: An Introduction, right now instead of blogging! Maybe I could have one of those careers in academia after all.
Playing in a dragon egg at New Farm Park, Brisbane
My spouse and toddler playing in a dragon egg at New Farm Park.
St Lucia Playground 2
The toddler running around at the St Lucia Playground.

At Coolum Beach.

I’ve been taking the toddler out to parks a bit more recently – which she loves. And we even took her to the beach for the first time on the weekend. We’d been talking for ages about how we really needed to take her to a beach but we just hadn’t gotten around to it. She LOVED it. I’ve never really liked the beach because I don’t feel safe swimming there (I’d rather be in a pool, dam, or creek) and it’s usually so stinking hot that as soon as I get there my skin starts burning and I want to escape to some shade. I think I have finally solved the problem – go in winter. Apart from the wind, it was actually really nice. It doesn’t matter that the water is too cold for swimming, I’m probably not going in. There was hardly anyone there and it didn’t feel too hot. Obviously most Queenslanders are confused and are going to the beach at the wrong time of year.

Today I saw the last Harry Potter film with the spouse. *Spoiler alert* It was at least an hour into the movie before I thought of the toddler (at home with her nanna) – probably some kind of record for me. I actually didn’t mind the last scene (it had really bothered me in the book – as if the couples would still be together 19 years later!). And of course, the spouse and I discussed it in detail on the way home and had to stop ourselves from continually pointing out all the holes in the story. It’s funny how people younger than I am (five-ten years) say it feels like such a marker of the end of their childhood now the series is over. If I’d grown up reading them I’d probably feel the same way. Still, there’s so much detail from the books that got missed out in the films. And how much did that last book need to be edited – boy it dragged in places. But for all its faults (I could go on for ages about the gender roles) I really like the Harry Potter books. But I never did like the Ron/Hermione love story; I thought Hermione was too good for Ron (my sister-in-law says she thought Ron was too good for Hermione).

Other stuff I’ve been enjoying recently are the first season of Game of Thrones and Season Four of True Blood.

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