Another post about exercising, studying and my toddler (I am interested in other things, honest)

August 2, 2011

This morning as I sat in the waiting room at the dentist I read an interview with personal trainer Michelle Bridges from the latest (Australian) Women’s Weekly. One of her training tips was to create an exercise habit, as motivation will come and go, and you’ll always be able to come up with excuses for not exercising. I thought about how I’ve lost my exercise habit that I’d worked really hard on creating (started when the toddler was five months old and lost somewhere around 15 months – which was about three months ago). I know that “I’m really too tired to get up early and go running because my weeks of broken sleep from a frequently breastfeeding toddler is exhausting me” is not a bad excuse as excuses go but she’s sleeping much better lately (I’m attempting to night ween at the moment, and as most of her feeding is at night anyway, I’ve realised that it’s probably going to mean weening completely) so I should really start to work on creating that exercise habit again. So, this afternoon I went for a big run – trying to cover one of my routes I used to run regularly back when I was running three times a week. I was pretty happy with my performance. I used to covere the seven and a half kilometres in 50 minutes but today, even with a lot of walking breaks, I did it in 57 minutes.

The other habit I need to get back into is uni work – after finishing the full-time semester I’m having trouble getting motivated again. I just need to start doing it regularly and then hopefully the motivation will return. I’m a bit worried I don’t have enough to show my supervisor this Friday when I go to meet her. I checked my uni emails yesterday for the first time in a week or two and there was an email from her from a week ago – yikes – and many emails telling me about overdue library books. So many overdue library books in fact that I couldn’t renew any of them. Tomorrow, I have to take 23 books back to the library! Mental note: check your uni email a couple of times a week!

The toddler has just learnt to say her name, often followed by “That’s me” which is very cute. She also loves to look at me and say “Mummy” or look at her daddy and say “Daddy”. I love replying with “Yes, I’m your mummy.” And we hug and she beams at me and I feel such bliss. She’s been able to say Mama/Mummy for a while but it’s amazing how now she’s realising I’m a person, and she’s a person, and Daddy is a person, and there are other people. She’s saying a lot more these days (and a LOT that we don’t understand) and has just learnt to say NO which is cute but sometimes frustrating. I love how she is replying with an emphatic no to a lot of requests/questions these days even though she often doesn’t mean it. For example, at dinner tonight:
Me: Do you want some eggs for dinner?
Toddler: No!
I scramble some eggs and give them to her and she happily eats them.
Me: Do you want some cheese?
Toddler: No!
I hand her cheese. She takes it and eats it.

She does often say no and mean it though! Trying to change her nappy this morning and dress her for childcare was not easy. But we got there in the end.