Ibises stole my pie

October 12, 2008

This is for anyone who ever studied at UQ (the University of Queensland) in Brisbane and was totally freaked out by the scary ibises and ducks by the lakes:

Funny dancing bird

October 13, 2007

See a cockatoo dancing to the Backstreet Boys.

The IT Crowd

March 31, 2007

The IT Crowd follows the adventures of the IT Department of a large company. Here we see characters Jen, Moss and Roy in their office, way down in the basement.

Last night, my flatmate Will and I travelled out to Pinewood studios to watch a recording of the Channel 4 TV show the IT Crowd. I gave Paul a DVD of the first series for Christmas. Now they’re filming the second series. Paul couldn’t come because his team from work went to see (the musical) Avenue Q.
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Bill Hicks on marketing

March 21, 2007

Events coming up

March 2, 2007

Tonight I’m going to see the Guerilla Girls on Tour which is described thus: Activist theatre collective whose mission is to create performances and workshops that address sexism and racism across the globe and prove that feminists are funny. This event also forms part of East festival and the Spit Lit Festival.

Am going with Paul and Renee. Should be cool.

Paul has posted about some upcoming events we’re going to see so you can check it out there because I’m too lazy to post it here when you can look at it on his site! But I will say that I’m very excited about seeing Alec Empire in April. He is very sexy and he rocks!

June 9, 2005

When my energy returned I could climb any mountain.

Voles and Values: Popular or Patriarchal Science?

March 5, 2003

by Dr Beast

Resembling nothing more than an overweight, brunette gopher, prairie voles can best be described as a kind of rodent Monica Lewinsky. If you have trouble with that comparison, then Gunjan Sinha’s Popular Science article, “You Dirty Vole” is probably not for you.
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