Geeky cardgames, feminist bookclub and friends in town

July 1, 2008

Paul and I played a few games of Magic: The Gathering on Saturday. I won three times in a row! Heh heh heh. I told Paul it was probably for the best that I won the first three games I played. If I’d lost I probably wouldn’t want to play it anymore. We went into town and Paul bought more packs of cards for the game and he also bought the rule book for the roleplaying game Rifts. I’m interested in playing Rifts but I still don’t really understand how it all works – it’s a game like Dungeons and Dragons (which Paul has played but I haven’t). Paul has been trying to explain it to me. I think I just need to look up ‘role-playing games’ or ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ on the internet – Wikipedia might explain it to me. I think Rifts sounds really interesting. So, I’m finally becoming a geek!

And on the topic of being a geek: I am really excited about the Feminist Reading Group at the Glass Bar (they say they are London’s only women-only bar). Helen told me about their feminist theory reading group (which I think I will go to with Helen and Jess) but I also found they have a book club, feminist book club, film night and lots of other events (but Paul won’t be able to come to any of them!). I have bought the books for the next two meetings of the feminist reading group and the one for July is Right-wing Women: the Politics of the Domesticated Female by Andrea Dworkin. I’m going to start reading it in the next day or two and I’m wondering how I will find it – the very little I have read of Andrea Dworkin’s work I have hated, so we’ll see how I find this book! The book for the next month’s meeting sounds really interesting: Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier

I’m catching up with my friends Jen Smith and Renee Dodds this week. Jen lives in Edinburgh. Renee had been living in London but she and partner Jason have been traveling around South America for the past six months or so.