Are you angry or are you boring?

May 13, 2007

Are you angry or are you boring cover. A7 zine.
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Another Dental Visit 2 cover

June 30, 2005



June 29, 2005

(this is the editorial from the paper zine)

Welcome to the second edition of Another Dental Visit, my zine about depression and mental illness. It has been a year since I finished Issue 1, and what a year it has been.
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June 28, 2005

Some people seem to skip happily through life.
But I feel so weighed down. How can I even smile?

June 27, 2005

Sometimes the negative thoughts, the cloudy mind and the heavy cloud really drive me up the wall.
Sometimes I’d just like to be left alone.

June 26, 2005

when I was depressed, the air around me felt dark and heavy and meaningless. I would drag myself out of bed.
Some depressives have trouble getting out of bed. I could always do that. It was actually leaving the house that was hard.
Sometimes I would get out of bed, make a cup of tea, sit on the couch and then feel totally unable to do anything else.

June 25, 2005

Being depressed can affect your appetite. And so can antidepressants.
When I was really depressed and I didn’t want to cook and I didn’t feel like eating, bananas were one of the few things I could eat.

June 24, 2005

Antidepressants stopped the crying but they also affected my desires.

My Life in calendar format

June 23, 2005

by Anon

Waited so long for the week to pass and eat its way further into the month so that I can turn the page on my calendar from Paris in Autumn to Paris in Winter. And watch my life freeze still against the tick-tock unrelenting passage of time. They say that as you get older your feet grow further into the ground but the little patch mine want to sink into is free-floating. It’s moving – fast, away from everything I know – while the people who would normally wait for me are moving even faster and they don’t remember my face. Meanwhile Paris Winter is about looking out an apartment window at the sun and sand of your home town and thinking only about the thinking behind the watching my life slip by.

Darlene's story

June 22, 2005

When I was nineteen-years-old, a middle-aged psychiatrist told me I’d talked myself into a state of depression.

For a long time I rejected his diagnosis, and the responsibility it placed on me for my less than well mental health.

Now, however, I think he had a point.
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