Ugly Duckling 5 cover

March 10, 2003

The cover of Ugly Duckling 5, March 2003.
This issue had an International Women’s Day theme and was handed out at IWD in Brisbane.

Ugly Duckling 5 intro/editorial

March 8, 2003


Welcome to Ugly Duckling Issue 5, the International Women’s Day Edition. I put this together for the zine stall I organized for IWD on March 8 in Brisbane. I’ve got some fabulous articles in here by my friends and I’ve also got some stuff about the position of women and why we have IWD. The State Labor gov’t organized a women’s festival for IWD (typically all about celebrating women but very little about what women have still need to be equal with men). The big problem many women have is the theme is Smart Women on the Move. Does this mean if you are a woman who is not on the move, then you are not smart? I don’t think so!

Unfortunately I only have a copy of the qld govt poster in black and white – it was actually blue.
*The QLD goverment have the theme of Queensland as the Smart Start, so that is where the whole Smart Women came from*

Info and stats for IWD

March 7, 2003

International Women’s Day originated from women’s attempt to secure improved pay and working conditions, an end to child labour and an extension of the vote to women.
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Voles and Values: Popular or Patriarchal Science?

March 5, 2003

by Dr Beast

Resembling nothing more than an overweight, brunette gopher, prairie voles can best be described as a kind of rodent Monica Lewinsky. If you have trouble with that comparison, then Gunjan Sinha’s Popular Science article, “You Dirty Vole” is probably not for you.
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