Ugly Duckling 8 cover

September 30, 2004

The cover of Ugly Duckling, Issue 8, September 2004.
This picture was on the front cover.
This picture was on the back cover.

These images came from the Crimethinc book Evasion.

The contents of your daily life

September 23, 2004

How many hours a day do you spend in front of a television screen? A computer screen? Behind an automobile windscreen? All three screens combined? What are you being screened from? How much of your life comes at you through a screen, vicariously?

Is watching things as exciting as doing things? Do you have enough time to do all the things that you want to? Do you have enough energy to? Why? And how many hours a day do you sleep? How are you affected by standardized time, designed solely to synchronize your movements with those of millions of other people? How long do you ever go without knowing what time it is? Who or what controls your minutes and hours? The minutes and hours that add up to your life? Are you saving time? Saving it up for what?

Can you put a value on a beautiful day, when the birds are singing and people are walking around together? How many dollars an hour does it take to pay you to stay inside and sell things or file papers? What can you get later that will make up for this day of your life?
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sexuality, parenting, monogamy and more

September 22, 2004