Virginie Despentes at the ICA

January 29, 2009

Last Thursday I saw Virginie Despentes speak at the ICA on Exploding the Myth of Femininity. I wrote a review over at Spinster.

A busy week

January 21, 2009

On Monday night I went to Skeptics in the Pub where I heard a talk by Rebecca Watson (from Skepchick and the Skeptics Guide to the Universe) on Women’s Intuition and Other Fairytales. It was really good.

Last night I had a dinner with work people. At least I got free food!

Tomorrow night I’m going to a talk by Virginie Despentes called Exploding the Myth of Femininity. Virginie Despentes wrote the novel and film Baise-Moi (currently banned in Australia, I believe), a violent, rape-revenge fantasy that contains ‘actual sex’, OMG! I am planning on watching the film tonight so I’ve seen it before seeing her talk. She is actually talking about her new book on feminism called King Kong Theory.

On Saturday there’s a Zinefest at the Women’s Library which sounds quite fun. The Women’s Library currently has the exhibition Between the Covers: Women’s Magazines and their Readers (Until Wednesday 1 April 2009, entrance free), and as part of the Zinefest on Saturday, there is a comics exhibition and stallholders selling zines and comics (and other DIY media, I imagine) and workshops.

The Women’s Library
25 Old Castle Street
(Aldgate and Aldgate East tube stations)
Saturday, 24 January, 2009
12- 4pm

12-1.30pm Self-publishing 101 (seminar room)
12- 2.15pm Screen Your World -Printing Desire (activities room) I believe the screen-printing workshop is booked out now.
1.30-2pm and 2-2.30pm Zine Tour (meet at reception)
2.30-4pm Radical Publishing Panel (seminar room)
12-4pm Comic Exhibition (cafe space)
12-4pm Stalls (mezzanine)

Check them out on myspace and We Make Zines on ning.

I don’t really make zines anymore and hardly read them, so I’m looking forward to picking some up on the weekend. I want to get back into making zines this year, so hopefully this will help kick-start it.

2008: An overview

January 4, 2009

-Our ceiling collapsed thanks to inaction of our useless estate agent (don’t use Carlton Residential!)
-My photos were featured in the Schmaps online guides.
-The Australian government apologised to Indigenous Australians for the stolen generations and for past inhumane treatment. Now if they would just stop the intervention (or at least re-instate the Racial Discrimination Act so it actually applies to what they’re doing in the intervention) things could maybe improve.
-I got a spouse visa giving me leave to remain and work in the UK for two more years.
-I really got into podcasts (thanks to the ipod Paul gave me for Christmas.
-We moved into a really nice flat that is really close to amenities and train station, etc.
-We went to an Enchanted Woodland and we continued to explore and get-to-know London.
-I bought a very cool Atlantis Space Jacket.
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London Literature Festival

August 12, 2008

I just realised that I didn’t blog about the London Literature Festival.
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Many nights out for festivals and talks

July 9, 2008

Last Thursday night I had dinner with my friends Jen and Mez and their kids Matilda and Otto (and others) which was really nice. They are friends from Brisbane who now live in Edinburgh but were down in London visiting family and friends. Matilda has recently finished her first year of school (I remember when Jen and Mez got together and when Jen told me she was pregnant with Matilda) – wow how time flies. Paul and I got lots of cuddles from the very boisterous, two-year-old Otto which was very cute (even though he stank of beer after knocking over Jen’s cousin’s beer all over himself and Jen)!

Saturday afternoon and evening was spent around Soho at Pride and Sunday was spent at home – it was rainy and depressing. Paul and I played three games of Magic and I lost all of them! Boo hoo.

On Monday night Paul and I went to Craft Night at the Notting Hill Arts Club with Bella (from my work). We made spectacles which was a lot of fun and I didn’t win a prize but my fabulous sun/rain spectacles did get a mention from the judge! Hopefully I’ll get Bella’s photos from her soon.

On Tuesday night I went to the ICA with Helen, Jess and Lucy to see the French documentary Her Name is Sabine. It was made by a French actress about her sister with autism. It was very good and Jess and I cried a lot. They had footage of Sabine in her teens and twenties and she was so vibrant and articulate and then to see her so withdrawn, years later, after years in an institution was very sad.

Tonight, Wednesday, Paul and I are going to a talk at the Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Southbank Centre as part of the Hayward Gallery’s 40th birthday celebrations. Speakers include Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor and Dennis Crompton.

On Saturday morning the ICA is having a members’ morning so I’ll probably go along and have a look at the new exhibition with a bunch of other members before the general public come in!

On Saturday night I’m going to another talk at the Southbank Centre (they are currently hosting the London Literature Festival) by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie and on Monday night I might go see a film about Christianity and homosexuality – I think it’s about a bunch of gay Christians and I’m worried that I might just spend the whole time thinking ‘why don’t these people just leave Christianity – they’d be much better off?’ After the film there’s a talk between Ian McKellen and a gay bishop.

I have been reading the Science-based Medicine blog recently. It’s really good. And Paul has started blogging again recently too!

Tuesday night is the feminist book club and I’m less than halfway through the book for it. Better get reading!

Cool upcoming talks at the Southbank Centre

July 1, 2008

Paul and I are going to a couple of talks at the Southbank Centre in the next week and a half. We’re going to The Hayward Anniversary Talk: Tales of the City which (I think) is part of the London Festival of Architecture. Architect Zaha Hadid and artist, Antony Gormley (among others) are speaking.

We’re also going to see a talk by (comics legend) Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie about their new(ish) work Lost Girls. I’m really excited about getting hold of this three-volume set of graphic novels (which costs £50!!!). Set around the time of the first world war (I think) the books’ main characters are Alice (from Alice in Wonderland), Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz) and Wendy (from Peter Pan) and they explore the sexual awakenings of the young women – it sounds really interesting but definitely one for the grown-ups. The books have been released in other countries but couldn’t be released here (in the UK) until this year because Wendy was still under copyright!