A busy week

January 21, 2009

On Monday night I went to Skeptics in the Pub where I heard a talk by Rebecca Watson (from Skepchick and the Skeptics Guide to the Universe) on Women’s Intuition and Other Fairytales. It was really good.

Last night I had a dinner with work people. At least I got free food!

Tomorrow night I’m going to a talk by Virginie Despentes called Exploding the Myth of Femininity. Virginie Despentes wrote the novel and film Baise-Moi (currently banned in Australia, I believe), a violent, rape-revenge fantasy that contains ‘actual sex’, OMG! I am planning on watching the film tonight so I’ve seen it before seeing her talk. She is actually talking about her new book on feminism called King Kong Theory.

On Saturday there’s a Zinefest at the Women’s Library which sounds quite fun. The Women’s Library currently has the exhibition Between the Covers: Women’s Magazines and their Readers (Until Wednesday 1 April 2009, entrance free), and as part of the Zinefest on Saturday, there is a comics exhibition and stallholders selling zines and comics (and other DIY media, I imagine) and workshops.

The Women’s Library
25 Old Castle Street
(Aldgate and Aldgate East tube stations)
Saturday, 24 January, 2009
12- 4pm

12-1.30pm Self-publishing 101 (seminar room)
12- 2.15pm Screen Your World -Printing Desire (activities room) I believe the screen-printing workshop is booked out now.
1.30-2pm and 2-2.30pm Zine Tour (meet at reception)
2.30-4pm Radical Publishing Panel (seminar room)
12-4pm Comic Exhibition (cafe space)
12-4pm Stalls (mezzanine)

Check them out on myspace and We Make Zines on ning.

I don’t really make zines anymore and hardly read them, so I’m looking forward to picking some up on the weekend. I want to get back into making zines this year, so hopefully this will help kick-start it.

Neil Gaiman speaking in London on Piracy Vs Obscurity

October 29, 2008

Paul and I saw Neil Gaiman speak on Piracy Vs Obscurity at a fundraiser for the Open Rights Group at Clerkenwell in London on Friday night.
Neil Gaiman speaking at a fundraiser for the Open Rights Group, Clerkenwell, London, October 24, 2008
Neil Gaiman has been on tour promoting his new book: The Graveyard Book, which Paul bought me for my birthday! You can see videos of Neil reading chapters from the book from his tour.
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Graphic novel fangirl

August 11, 2008

Yesterday, paul and I went to the ICA to hear Raymond Briggs and Bryan Talbot talk about their work. It was really nice. Afterward, I had some books of theirs signed and I felt like a total fangirl afterwards (like the time I went to a book-signing of Neil Gaiman!). Read the rest of this entry »

literary tattoos

July 23, 2008

I have just found a website with lots of pictures of literary tattoos, Contrariwise (I heard about it on the Radio National Book Show). There are some I really really like. There are (Tolkien) Elvish tattoos, the Little Prince, e. e. cummings and Kurt Vonnegut. I like some Sylvia Plath quotes and I kind of like the Death Eater tattoo (from the Harry Potter books).

Luce Irigiray at the ICA in June

May 20, 2008

Paul and I are going to see the French feminist theorist, Luce Irigaray give a talk at the ICA on 24 June. I’m not sure if I’ve read anything by her before but I’m planning to brush up on her thinking before the talk to try and get the most out of it. So if anyone can recommend any of her work to read before I go, I would appreciate it. I have already been recommended An Ethics of Sexual Difference and I Love to You. Irigaray will be speaking about the thinking behind her new book Sharing the World. She will be giving another talk at the ICA later in the year (9 September).

Yay for podcasts

February 20, 2008

Since getting an ipod for Christmas (thanks Paul!) I have been downloading and listening to podcasts – lots about poetry, some about science and news and politics and art. Lately I’ve been listening to the Skeptics Guide to the Universe and some podcasts about avant garde poetry from UbuWeb. They’re really interesting and informative. I’ve listened to interviews with authors (Jeanette Winterson, Philip Pullman) and a debate between Richard Dawkins and some Christian guy – I definitely sided with Richard Dawkins. So instead of reading books, to and from work on the tube, lately I’ve also been listening to/watching podcasts. It’s pretty cool.

I also wanted to include a picture of Patrick Wolf and his sexy unicorn tattoo. Patrick makes lovely music (like the Magic Position) and looks quite lovely and I like his tattoo (not sure if it’s real – I think it looks real).

Interesting books, myths of mars and venus, poetry

October 8, 2007

I was just looking at Neil Gaiman’s blog where he linked to a recording of a radio show he appeared on last week (The Verb, on the BBC’s Radio 3). I had a listen and it was quite interesting. Apart from hearing Neil Gaiman talk about writing, and reading from a children’s novel he is currently writing, I also heard from a couple of interesting writers.
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