2008: An overview

January 4, 2009

-Our ceiling collapsed thanks to inaction of our useless estate agent (don’t use Carlton Residential!)
-My photos were featured in the Schmaps online guides.
-The Australian government apologised to Indigenous Australians for the stolen generations and for past inhumane treatment. Now if they would just stop the intervention (or at least re-instate the Racial Discrimination Act so it actually applies to what they’re doing in the intervention) things could maybe improve.
-I got a spouse visa giving me leave to remain and work in the UK for two more years.
-I really got into podcasts (thanks to the ipod Paul gave me for Christmas.
-We moved into a really nice flat that is really close to amenities and train station, etc.
-We went to an Enchanted Woodland and we continued to explore and get-to-know London.
-I bought a very cool Atlantis Space Jacket.
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literary tattoos

July 23, 2008

I have just found a website with lots of pictures of literary tattoos, Contrariwise (I heard about it on the Radio National Book Show). There are some I really really like. There are (Tolkien) Elvish tattoos, the Little Prince, e. e. cummings and Kurt Vonnegut. I like some Sylvia Plath quotes and I kind of like the Death Eater tattoo (from the Harry Potter books).